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Colt SAA Frontier Six Shooter Mfd in 1894

This old Colt Single Action looks like it has been carried for many miles.  Its chambered in 44-40 to match a Winchester rifle.  44-40 aka 44 WCF or 44 Winchester was one of the world's first re-loadable cartridges...making it practical for use on the frontier.  Hence, the barrel marking on the left side which reads "COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER".  Barrel is 4 3/4" long with 2 line Colt Barrel address located on top of the frame.  Serial number is in the 156,000 range. Still has the early Black Powder style frame with set screw for the cylinder pin.  Left side of the frame has two lines of patent dates...1871, 72, and 75 beside the rampant Colt logo within a circle.  Standard hard rubber grips with the rampant Colt logos on each side. 

Overall, NRA Antique Good Condition.  Metal has worn to a silvery grey coloration that's starting to turn to a patina.  Edges are a little worn but not severely.  Very good markings throughout. Screws appear to be Fair+ to Very Good...all are 100% serviceable.  Slight traces of original blue appear in extreme protected areas. Only non-original parts I can find on this gun are the set screw for the cylinder pin and the trigger looks to have been replaced as some point.  Otherwise, everything else looks original.  The original hard rubber grips are in good condition with no cracks, chips, or repairs. The checkering and the little rampant Colts at the top are a little worn....as is the gun itself. We pulled them to check the factory numbers.  So yes, these are the originals and are numbered to the gun.  Number inside of right grip are clear.   The numbers on inside of the left grip panel are visible at the top...but some Cowboy scratched his name in below and at some point, another person came along and tried to scratch it out.  You can almost make out the fellow's name.  As a result, the number is only partially visible but there's enough there to see that it matches the gun.  Mechanically, the action works but looks like it could use a new cylinder stop as it may be dragging a bit as it pulls into the stop notch.  Bore is good overall...its frosty but no signs of serious pitting, no bulges, and fairly decent rifling.  All in all, a good representative example of an Antique pre-1898 Colt single action in a great configuration and early black powder frame.

Item# 8721




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