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Colt SAA Frontier Six Shooter Revolver Mfd in 1883

This well-used Colt Single Action Army has seen a lot of miles and shows a lot of character.  Its an early Frontier Six Shooter in Caliber 44-40 Winchester with 7 1/2 inch barrel, nickel finish, and early type black powder frame and one-piece wood grips.    Note: If my memory is working properly, Colt didn't introduce the checkered hard rubber grips until the following year in 1884.  Serial number is in the 89,000 range with all matching numbers. Loading gate sub-assembly number is also matching to the frame.  The fragile etched panel with the Colt Frontier designation has all but disappeared from years of holster wear and handling but trigger is clearly marked "44 CF" and bottom of the barrel has a tiny "44" stamped just in front of the cylinder pin.  Just to make absolutely sure, we checked with a round of 44-40 in the chamber and it fits perfectly.  A .45 Colt shell is too large. Patent dates on the left side of the frame are worn and only partially visible. However, barrel address is quite good and clearly marked along the top side."-COLT'S PT F.A. MFG Co HARTFORD CT. U.S.A.-".  All serial numbers are good and visible as well.  Overall, NRA Antique Good condition with the metal showing 20% original nickel plate remaining on the frame, 10% on trigger guard, and 5% on back strap.  The rest of the metal has worn to a light gray patina with some scattered light pitting.  Muzzle shows a fair bit of holster wear. Small traces of original nickel are evident on the hammer, inner loading gate, and in extreme protected areas on the barrel and ejector housing.  Just to be sure, we also checked under the ejector housing and found quite a bit of nickel remaining on the inside of the assembly and side of the barrel. The same is true internally with high percentages of the original nickel finish present.  Ejector rod has the early type donut head and has survived with its original bronze coiled spring intact. Hammer has the early type long checkered pattern and the frame has the early type bushing around the firing pin hole.  The walnut grips are in Very Good+ condition showing very little wear other than a few tap marks on the butt.  No cracks, chips,or repairs.  As many of you know, we're not hard-core experts on Colt Single Actions but would say apart from the wear over the past 125 years, would judge this to be a good solid original example of an early 1880's vintage Colt Frontier Six Shooter.  Only non-original aspects of this gun are the front sight has been trimmed down...probably by some old cowboy who was sighting it in 100 years ago...and the ejector rod screw has been replaced...from my experience, since it must be turned to removed the cylinder on an early type frame, its often the most abused and replaced screw on any early Colt SAA..  Otherwise, the screws appear to be original throughout and in good serviceable condition.   Action works smoothly with proper indexing and lock-up.  Bore is Very Good with strong rifling...a little frosty with just a few minor pits.  No rings or bulges.  Aside from the nickel and better than avg grips, this gun's silver worn and weathered appearance reminds me a lot of 1870's US Army Issue SAA's we've seen over the years. All in all, a good solid example of an early Colt SAA.

Item# 8719




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