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Colt New Line in .41 Caliber -Etched Panel-

This is a very strong example of a Colt New Line Revolver in Caliber .41 Centerfire.  Colt only made about 7000 of these with the large-framed New Line Models in .41 Caliber between 1875-1879.  Their larger size and limited production has made these popular with Colt Collectors over the years.  Unfortunately, these quality pocket revolvers lived a short production life...only 4 years due to steep competition Colt faced against a flood of cheaply made pocket revolvers overtook the market. This particular revolver was made in early 1876.  It has the combination blued finish with case colored frame, 2 1/4" barrel.  Left side has its original Colt Etched Panel barrel which clearly reads "COLT NEW 41".  Top of barrel marked "COLT'S PT F.A. MFG CO./ HARTFORD CT. U.S.A."  Left side of frame underneath cylinder is stamped "41 CAL" followed by a letter "C" denoting Center Fire. 

Overall condition grades easily to NRA Antique Fine+ with 80% bright case colors on the frame with most of the wear along the topstrap.  Grip straps are worth down to about 20% light case colors.  Cylinder has about 80-85% original blue with no pitting or damage from powder residue. The barrel finish has mostly flaked with strong traces of original blue. Etched panel on the left side is perfect and completely legible. Right side of barrel has a minor nick with a little bit of cleaning around it...otherwise barrel is nice with sharp markings and edges.  Hammer shows 90% bright fire blue on the back face...while the sides still show much of their bright factory polish.  The trigger and several screws retain portions of their original fire blue as well. Excellent rosewood grips retain 95% original varnish with minor handling marks.  Wood to metal fit is perfect. No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Mechanically, the action functions flawlessly.  It shows little wear from firing as the bore is nearly Mint and chambers in the cylinder still have most of their original blue remaining.   This is one of the better Large framed Colt New Line Revolvers we've offered in a while.  On average, we locate a  decent New Line in .41 Caliber only once every other year.  This one is quite a nice example!

Item# 9195




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