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Colt New Line Pocket Revolver in 41 CAL

This is a very strong example of a Colt New Line Revolver in Caliber .41 Centerfire.  Colt only made about 7000 of these with the large framed New Line frame in .41 Caliber between 1875-1879.  Their larger size and limited production has made these popular with Colt Collectors over the years.  This particular revolver was made in early 1876.  It has the combination blued finish with case colored frame, 2 1/2" barrel, and with a fantastic Etched Panel barrel that reads "COLT NEW 41".  Unfortunately, the high quality and workmanship of the Colt New Line were no match for the flood of cheaply made low-cost pocket revolvers that flooded the market during the 1870's and 1880's.  This particular example is in NRA Antique Excellent condition with the exception of some pitting on to chambers of the cylinder.  The balance of the cylinder retains nearly all of its original blue.  Barrel has 90%+ blue.  Frame has 50% discernable case colors remaining while several of the screws still exhibit their original fire blue.  Hammer still exhibits its originaly brightly polished sides with fire-blued rear panel. Excellent walnut grips retain 90% original varnish.  Very Good bore and nice action. Surprisingly, this revolver has NO British proofmarks....most early Colts we find in this condition were usually shipped to London...not this one! This is one of the better Large framed Colt New Line Revolvers we've offered in several years!

Item# 0421




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