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Colt Model 1862 Police Revolver

This is a strong example of the Model 1862 Pocket Police Revolver in above average condition. For 150+ years old, it still has quite a bit of original blue remaining on the barrel and cylinder as well as some case colors on the frame, loading lever, and hammer. Serial number is in the 22,000 range and was manufactured at the height of the Civil War around mid-1863. Standard 5-1/2' barrel, .36 caliber, with five-shot rebated cylinder with half flutes. Top of barrel has a crisp Colt New York address with patent date inside one of the cylinder flutes and "COLT'S PATENT" on left side of frame. Matching serial numbers on the frame, trigger guard, backstrap, arbor pin, grips, and back of cylinder. The cylinder numbers are located on the rear face of the lugs to the sides of the safety pins...a little hard to read on a couple of digits but there. Only number that doesn't match is the wedge, which is a period original replacement from another Colt.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with 30% thinning original blue on the barrel which is strongest on the the bottom end...in the flutes and along the bottom around the loading lever handle. Cylinder retains 30% original blue...mostly in the cylinder flutes and behind the rebate in protected areas. Frame has 35% light but discernable original case colors while hammer retains 50% colors and 30% on loading lever. Brass gripstraps have turned to an even mellow patina with only slight hints of original silver plate in extreme protected areas of the trigger guard. Original walnut grips exhibit some light tiger stripes running with the contour of the handle. They are in Fine condition with 95% original varnish and perfect wood to metal fit. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Very Good Screws overall. Action is in nice working order. Barrel to frame is tight. Good+ bore. Original sights. A nice Civil War Vintage Colt Pocket Revolver with some condition.

Item# 9407




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