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Colt 1860 Army Revolver Made in 1862

This is a very strong example of an 1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver that's in well above average condition for a Civil War-issued Colt. Lots of original blue and case colors showing. It is completely untouched and 100% original. This 1860 was standard issue to Union officers as well as cavalrymen. Caliber was .44 with six-shot cylinder and 8" round barrel. This one is early war production with a serial number in the 72,000 range which dates its manufacture to the fall of 1862. Government inspector cartouches present on both sides of the walnut grips with various sub-inspector stamps on the metal parts. All serial numbers are 100% matching which includes the frame, barrel, cylinder, trigger guard, backstrap, wedge, cylinder arbor pin, and the grips. See photos. Excellent markings throughout. The barrel is marked "--ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA--". Left side of the frame stamped "COLT'S PATENT".

Overall Condition grades NRA Antique Fine Condition. The frame retains 50% original case colors which are fading in and out of light brown patina. This is incredible for a 150-year-old Colt that saw use in the Civil War. The barrel retains 50-60% faded original blue with the balance turned to a smooth light brown patina. There are some small dings on the sides of the barrel. Also note the chafing wear at the muzzle area of the right side of the barrel. We see this often on Civil War-era Colts and it is our opinion this is caused by the gun being jostled up and down in the holster...almost certainly from being carried on horseback. The cylinder retains 95% strong cylinder scene with strong traces of original blue in the rebate and cylinder stops. The back of the cylinder still has all six safety pins remaining which range from fair to good condition. These are usually worn smooth. The backstrap shows 35% original blue mixing with patina. 15% original case colors on the loading lever. Good traces of case colors remain on the rear face of the hammer. Very Good mechanics and a Fine bore. This is a great looking example of an 1860 Colt.

Item# 1659




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