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Colt 1860 Army .44 Cylinder

Original .44 caliber Six Shot cylinder from a Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver. This belonged to a friend of mine who was a lifelong Colt collector. After he passed away, his collection was auctioned off. It wasn't until later that his family found several boxes of old parts which included this cylinder. It is well used but in Good overall condition with its original cones. The serial number is visible...usually the last four digits. There are only traces of the roll engraved cylinder scene remaining. Cylinder stop notches are all good with no holes or crack-through to the chambers. Several of the safety pins are still visible on the lugs between the chambers. The only negative thing I can find is that one of the ratchets on the back of the cylinder appears to be noticeably more worn than the rest of the cams. If the buyer requests, I can get this area built back up free of charge so that your gunsmith can re-cut it. There are a lot of Civil War 1860's that need an original cylinder so we hope this will go to someone who needs it. It would also make a great spare accessory for a Civil War Cavalry rig or even a great gift as a paper weight/pen holder for Christmas!

Item# 1911




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