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Colt Lightning Rifle in 44 WCF

Colt Medium frame lightning rifle in Caliber 44-40 aka 44 WCF with a rare Lyman tang sight set-up made especially for the Colt Lightning.  26" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  Production of the Lightning rifle started in 1884...this one was made in 1889. From all appearances, this one is right out of the attic, 100% original and untouched.  Condition-wise, this should clean up to NRA Antique Excellent.  The frame has original 80% blue with some freckling and light closet rust...no pitting.  Nice rampant horse on the left side of the frame. Most of the screws still show original fire blue.  Hammer has about 50 to 60% original case colors with balance turning to a brown patina. The barrel and magazine tube are much the same, about 90% good original blue with some closet freckles.  Great markings.  Rear sight dovetail has a filler blank which appears to be factory original...the blue on the blank is identical to the barrel blue and we can see no evidence of a rear sight ever being on the barrel.  The front sight is a Lyman front which works in conjunction with the very rare tang sight.  I've only seen a couple of these sights and two interesting things that set them apart from others are the knurling on the height adjustment cylinder is spiraled instead of checkered.  Of course, the other main difference is the spacing for the screws in the base of the tang sight is unique to the Colt Lightning and won't work on a Winchester or Marlin. Only marking on the tang sight is the 1879 patent date that is found on most Lyman tang sights.  The wood is in excellent condition with crisp sharp checkering on the forend and fire blue retaining screws.  The stock is flawless with lots of raised grain and a dark patina over the original oil finish.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Nice action and an Excellent bright shiny bore. A very example of the Colt Lightning.




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