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Colt Lightning Revolver w/scarce PALL MALL Barrel Address

This is a pretty nice example of a Colt Lightning revolver in .38 Colt made in the year 1880.  This was sold through Colt's London agency as the barrel is marked with both Hartford and Pall Mall London Addresses.  Barrel measure 4.5" with early style German silver front sight blade and acid etched panel on left side which reads "COLT DA 38". Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good Plus with sharp edges, crisp markings, and nice screws. The barrel has turned to a smooth grey patina with samll traces of blue in protected areas but the fragile etched panel is still good and legible.  Barrel address is excellent. Frame has mostly turned to a grey patina with some original case colors in the protected spots.  Barrel has good blue inside the flutes with the outer edges turned to grey.  Triggerguard and backstrap have original blue on the sides with balance turned grey. VG screws throughout.  VG checkered hard rubber grips with rampant Colt.  Action works perfectly in both single and double action modes.  A nice example with a scarce London barrel address.




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