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Colt Catalog Circa 1931 w/ Original Envelope & Price Sheet

I bought this at the Louisville Show from a man who was selling off the Library portion of the Herb Peck Jr.'s collection.  Mr. Peck was a very well known collector who contributed to much information to several Antique Arms books including several of RL Wilson's books..i.e. "Sam Colt Presents." He not only had a great firearms collection but possessed an extraordinary image collection that probably had no equal. 

This is a rare Depression Era Colt Catalog complete with original mailing envelope and price sheet from 1931.  There is even an original order form on the last page!  The envelope is addressed to a Mr. F.L. Rich of West Boyleton, Mass. with Colt's Hartford Conn. return address.  Its fairly large for an early gun catalog measuring 7 1/2" by 10".  40 pages.  Well illustrated. Front and back cover are embossed including a 3-dimensional Rampant Colt on the back cover. 

This catalog has a fantastic wealth of information dealing with many of Colt's earlier Revolvers as well as newer Double Actions, Target models, and all of the famous Colt Automatics.  Here are some of the models featured:  Colt Single Action, Banker's Special, Pocket Positive, Police Positive, Police Positive Target Revolver, Camp Perry Model Target Pistol, Officer's Model Target Revolver, Colt New Service, New Service Target, Colt 1911 Government Model, 1911 Suer .38, 1911 .22 Ace, 1903 Auto, 1908 Auto, 1908 Auto, Colt Woodsman.  Ammunition Charts.  There is even a page about Deluxe Engraved Colts featuring a Colt Single Action with ivory Steer's head grips. Separate Pink price list is also included.  A Colt Single Action was available for 34.00!  A Government 1911 .45 was $36.75.  That may not seem like a lot of money but the price sheet is dated January 1931...one of the worst years of the Great Depression.  I doubt very many of these were made and to find one complete like this still in the original Envelope would present a challenge. 

Overall Condition is good with light powder grey cover turning slight brown around the edges.  Complete with all pages intact.  2 pages (19-20) are loose...otherwise binding intact. Getting a little feathery around the edges in places but No rips or tears, or pieces missing.  Price sheet has some slight foxing or darkening at the bottom...otherwise VG.  Envelope is frayed in a couple spots with slight tanning around the edges...but good condition overall.

Item# 0452-2




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