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Colt 1860 Army Revolver

This is a very good representative example of a Civil War vintage Colt 1860 Army Revolver as issued by the United State Army.  This particular gun is an early war, 3 screw variation that was manufactured in the year 1862.  It has various military inspector markings on the parts and two very nice inspectors cartouches located on each side of the walnut grips.  Given the hard use they saw in the Civil War, especially with Cavalry units both during and following the war, its exceedingly difficult to find a gun in this condition with decent cartouches.  Serial number is in the 45,000 range with 100% matching numbers right down to the wedge and arbor pin. 

Overall condition is NRA antique Good++ to Very Good Condition and 100% original down to the smallest screw.  The metal has mostly turned to a smooth light brown patina with very minute traces of original case colors in extreme protected areas such as the loading lever and around the edges of the recoil shield. There are even traces of original finish on the hammer screw and a couple of strap screws. Fine markings throughout including the Colt Barrel address, and "Colt's Patent" on the left side of the frame.  Serial numbers are all crisp and sharp.  Cylinder has about 30-35% cylinder scene remaining thats strongest just in front of the rebate.   You can clearly see the waves and the hulls and masts of 3 ships in the Mexican American War era Naval Engagement scene.  Nice serial number and very clear "1853" Patent date. The rest of the scene appears to have worn away from holster wear....in fact we've encountered several Civil War 1860's with this exact wear pattern to the cylinder scene.  Remarkably, the tiny dates at the forward lip of the cylinder are still there and somewhat legible...these are usually worn completely away; even on guns with fairly decent cylinder scenes. Grips are in Fine condition overall with near perfect wood to metal fit...having never been sanded or cleaned.  Cartouches are about are clear and legible...about as nice as you'll see on a gun without lots of finish.  There is a minor chip in the wood at the top right of the grip at the junction of the frame that has been repaired...the wood is dark in this corner so its not very noticeable and doesn't distract. Action works properly.  Barrel to frame lockup is tight as is the original wedge.  Bore is Good overall with strong rifling and the typical scattered pits but still some shine in places.  Just a nice example of a Civil War vintage Colt Model 1860.

Item# 0360




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