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Colt Model 1911 Early 2 Tone Magazine

Very Good early seven-shot two tone blued magazine for the Colt Model 1911 Automatic Pistol and early 1911a1 as issued to the US Army, Navy, and Marines during World War One and early part of WW2. At 80-100 years old now, this one shows some wear but retains 50% of its original blue on the bottom 2/3 and a good distinct temper line with the steel still fairly bright near the top. Plunger still has nice original blue. No contractor initial on the lip of the base plate which makes it one that was made by Colt's Mfg. This would be correct for any Model 1911 or 1911a1 produced from around mid-1916 up to 1940.

Item# 1924




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