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Colt Model 1895 New Army Revolver in .41 Colt

This is a standard Colt New Army Navy Revolver, but in the less commonly-encountered caliber .41 Colt.   This was the same cartridge used in the Colt Single Action Army and the Colt Model 1877 Lightning a.k.a. "Thunderer".   Serial number is in the 98,000 range.   Mfd. in early 1898 just prior to the Spanish-American War.   Overall, NRA Antique Very good condition with strong original blue (about 10-15%) in protected areas with the balance aged to a brown patina.   Nice markings and sharp edges.   Metal is fairly smooth overall but does show some nicks and tap marks on the swing-arm and some tiny specks or corrosion on the right side plate...perhaps from resting inside a leather holster for too long.   Nice fire blue on the back of hammer.  Good screws and nice markings throughout.   Grips are very nice with sharp checkering and Rampant Colt motifs.   No chips or cracks.   Action works nicely.   Bore is Fair that's lightly corroded and very frosty...rifling is all there and no large pits...but not a pretty bore.   Overall, a decent example of a .41 cal. New Army with a desirable antique serial number.

Item# 1240




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