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Colt 1895 DA Revolver used in Span-Am War

This is a very attractive Model 1895 Colt Double Action Revolver in an antique serial number in the 93,000 range.  Made in 1898.  Standard 6" barrel in Caliber .38 Colt. Its a standard commercial grade Colt with blued finish, fire blue screws, and checkered hard rubber grips.  However, what makes this one so interesting is a light inscription across the bottom of the grips which reads "US VOL. ARMY 1898" and "C.D.C. 59".  A nearly identical "59" is stamped on the bottomstrap just below the serial number.  This was probably purchased or donated to a Volunteer Unit going off to war. Since there were very few soldiers in the regular Army in 1898, these volunteer units composed most of the Army in the Spanish American War.  Probably the most famous volunteer unit was Theodore Roosevelt's 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry.  Incidentally, Roosevelt carried a near identical Colt Model 1895 (recovered from the wreckage of the USS Maine) up Kettle and San Juan Hills on July, 1 1898. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent+ with 95% bright original blue.  The finish loss is confined to the gripstraps and outer edges.  There is 80% original fire blue on the trigger and 95% on the back face of the hammer.  Sides of hammer still retain 85-90% original polish.  Most of the screws have all or most of their original fire blue.  Look at the grip screw...its a knock-out!   Hard rubber grips are in excellent condition with perfect checkering and no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Nice mechanics and a very good bore with strong rifling and a few light scattered pits.

Item# 0816




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