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US Marked Colt Model 1894 DA Revolver w/ Orig. Holster

This is an early Colt Model New Army Double Action Revolver in .38 Colt.  These have gotten almost impossible to find in their original configurations as nearly all Model 1892's, 94's, and 1896 DA's were rebuilt and upgraded to the Model 1901 at the turn of the 20th century.  This is as pure and original as you'll ever find in a Model 1894.  For starters, it has all matching numbers....this includes the frame, barrel, cylinder, safety catch, and cylinder arm, and inside the frame.  This is something you'll rarely see on most that were upgraded to the Model 1901 as the numbers are usually mixed.  Original early style grips have two good visible cartouches on each side, "RAC" stamped on the bottom, as well as the date...189? just above the right cartouche.  Furthermore, the bottomstrap never had the post 1901 Model lanyard ring installed leaving all of the original Model 1894 markings and serial number completely intact.  The barrel has only the 1884 and 1888 patent dates which are correct.....all rebuilds seem to have patent dates through 1895.  This one doesn't.  This is exactly what would have been used in the Span-Am War in 1898, the early part of the Phillipines conflict, and the Boxer Rebellion.  The fact that it never got rebuilt makes me wonder if this WAS overseas during one of those conflicts and missed that monstrous 1901 upgrade that so few early DA's escaped.  The holster sure looks like it was doing something more than usual too! 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent showing 85% bright original blue with a few freckles here and there from storage in the holster.  Most of the wear to the blue is confined to the backstrap and muzzle and side portions (towards the front) of the barrel due to holster wear.  Barrel has 70% blue overall. The screws, sides of the trigger, and back of the hammer still show most of their original fire blue.  VG+ to Fine grips have never been touched and have a nice light patina. These are super-hard to find with any trace of a cartouches...and this one has two great cartouches with the original 1890's date on left side.  Nice bore.  Action still works.  Holster is in fair condition with quite a bit of flaking and wear.  The "US" logo is still visible as well as the Rock Island Arsenal markings on the flap.  About 3/5 of the side looks to be re-stitched...the balance is original stitching.  Bottom plug looks to be intact.  A very tough example of the Colt DA in its original 1890's "as issued" configuration that comes in its original holster.  These are really tough to find!

Item# 0467




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