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Colt 1892 Double Action Revolver

This is a nice example of an early Colt New Army Double Action revolver. Antique Pre-1898 Serial Number is in the 13,000 range.  Mfd. in the year 1894. On the norm, the majority of Antique Colt New Army DA Revolver seem to have come with 6" barrels and are usually chambered in .38 Colt.  This one is a bit different from ones we've had in the past.  For starters, it has the shorter mid-length barrel and chambered in the .38 Colts big brother, the more potent .41 Long Colt Caliber.  Same chambering as found offered in the Colt Models 1877 Lightning (.41's are often counter nick-hamed the "Thunderer") and 1873 Colt Single Action.  It also has the desirable "Colt 1892" marked hard rubber grips.  Barrel has the 3 line address with early 1884 and 1888 patent dates.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent with 80% good original blue overall with a  couple of small stains on right side.  Strong traces of original fire blue on the sides of the trigger and still covers most of the rear face of the hammer. Note: Sides of hammers on DA's were polished bright.  Good screws overall.  Hard rubber grips are in Excellent condition with perfect fit, sharp checkering, and no chips, cracks, or repairs.  The rampant Colt logos with the "1892" model designations  at the top of each side are perfect.  Action works nicely.  Minty bore with no pits and nice strong rifling...still digs into you finger-tip if you press and turn it across the muzzle.  Cylinder chambers are nice too with most of their original blue.  Nice example of the .41.

Item# 1092




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