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Colt Model 1862 Police, 1st Year Production

This is an early production Colt Model 1862 Police Percussion Revolver. It has a desirable 6-1/2" round barrel with five shot cylinder in .36 caliber. Low serial number is in the 7,600 range and was made in 1861 which was the first year of production for this model. The vast majority of Colt's production for the 1861 calendar year was purchased by men heading off to join the Union and Confederate armies as well as the federal and state governments. Barrel has a nice one line New York address. The serial numbers are 100% matching throughout which is eight components for this model. This includes the frame, barrel, cylinder, trigger guard, backstrap, arbor pin, wedge, and grips. See photos.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with the metal turned a mostly light gray/brown patina with traces of original blue in the some of the flutes on the cylinder , at the junction of the cylinder rebate, and along the barrel flute and wedge screw. Brass trigger guard shows 10% original silver plating around the bow and traces in protected areas of the backstrap. All markings are very nice although some of the lettering and numerals are caked with 154 years worth of dirt and could stand a little bit of careful cleaning. The grips are in great shape retaining 80% original varnish with perfect wood to metal fit and zero chips, cracks, or repairs. Screws are all in nice shape. Nice action and the wedge still locks the barrel tightly to the frame. Bore is mostly bright with strong lands and grooves, Very Good Overall. This is a nice solid example of an Early Civil War era production Colt that remains in above average condition for war-time production Colt.

Item# 1846




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