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Colt 1862 Navy Percussion Revolver

This is a nice clean example of the Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Percussion Revolver.   Caliber .36 with 5 shot rebated cylinder, and 4 1/2" octagonal barrel.   Produced from 1861-1873 (numbered 1-37,000 & shared with 1862 Police Model), it's estimated that fewer than 22,000 were manufactured.  Of those, most were shipped from Colt in later Post Civil War years as .38 rimfire cartridge conversions.   Original examples still in original percussion are not very common, making this one of the scarcer Colt Percussion Models.  Serial number of this particular example is in the 13,000 range which dates to the year 1862.  All matching numbers including wedge and the grips.   Note the photos of the serial numbers on the bottom where the Colt workman messed up the middle number by placing a zero first...then appears to have realized his mistake and placed a "9" back over it.  Yes, this is original...to find a number this close that's off by one increment of the middle digit AND on a gun as rare as a model 1862 would be like winning the lottery.  Just do the math.   Some collectors like to jokingly attribute these types of factory errors (which are fairly common on early Colts) to workmen suffering from "Monday Morning Hangovers".   Barrel has standard 1-line New York address.   Left side of frame clearly marked "COLT'S PATENT" & "36 CAL" on side of brass trigger guard.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good.   Smooth grey metal with a few slight hints of original finish around the wedge and loading lever.   Brass trigger guard is very crisp with traces of original silver plating.  Cylinder scene depicting the Stagecoach robbery is 80% with "COLT'S PATENT" located in a panel above the serial number.   Very good screws throughout.   Grips are in Excellent condition with 90% original varnish intact.  Pefect fit with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  As mentioned above, they are numbered to the gun underneath the backstrap.   Mechanics are in excellent condition.   Action works flawlessly with proper cylinder indexing and nice crisp clicks when the hammer is cocked.  Although a bit worn, the back of the cylinder has somehow managed to survive for the past century and half with all five safety pins intact.   The wedge is still holding the barrel tightly against the frame with zero play or wobble.   Good respectable bore.   All in all, a very solid example of one of the scarcer Colt Percussion models with a desirable Civil War date of manufacture.

Item# 1102




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