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Colt 1860 Army Revolver

This is another good solid example of a U.S. Government purchased Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver in .44 Caliber. Early Civil War production…this revolver was manufactured in 1862. Serial number is in the 79,000 range with all matching numbers including the wedge, cylinder, and arbor pin. There isn't any finish left on this one but its sharp with a great cylinder scene! The only replaced part on the entire gun that I can find is the wedge screw…which appears to be an original Colt screw for an 1860 or 1851 Navy backstrap. The metal parts have various Gov't inspector's initials while the left side of the walnut grips retains a light military cartouche. The metal overall is a pleasing silvery grey with good edges and nice markings. Cylinder has about 85% sharp cylinder scene remaining featuring a naval engagement. The back of the cylinder still has all 6 safety notches present…although 2 are a bit half flattened. Usually, we don't find these with any safety notches so this is rather exceptional for a revolver that probably saw plenty of action in the Civil War. In fact, the right side of the muzzle shows a significant amount of holster wear….something we also see on 1860's that saw usage in the War. Barrel is clearly marked “-ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW- YORK U.S.AMERICA-.” Front sight is original and made of German silver. Barrel to frame fit is still very tight with a very tight original wedge. Left side of frame is marked “COLT'S PATENT” Bore is Very Good overall with strong rifling…still relatively bright with some scattered light pits…no rings or bulges. The action has very nice crisp mechanics with a strong mainspring. Grips appear to have been lightly cleaned long ago but the left cartouche is still visible. Overall, these are Good grips that are still very solid with good wood to metal fit…not undersized….with no chips, cracks, or repairs. This is a very solid example of the Colt 1860 Army that has everything except finish and a big price tag to with it!

Item# 0384




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