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Early Colt 4 Screw 1860 Army Revolver

This is a fairly early example of the 1860 Model Colt purchased by the U.S. Goverment at the beginning of the Civil War. Most of these early 4 screws saw 3 to 4 years of hard use in the hands of Union troops, especially the Cavalry units.  Made in 1861, serial number is 22378.  Standard 44 Caliber, 6 shot cylinder with early 4 screw frame for attaching a shoulder stock.  All numbers are matching except for the wedge (an original but different number).  The cylinder numbers are partially visible with all visible no's matching.  At some point the metal has been cleaned bright.  My guess is this gun was found in a rusty state and it was aggresively cleaned as the grips and action are pretty decent. No cylinder scene remains except for tiny traces.  There are a few areas of scattered pits mainly on the cylinder. Markings overall are somewhat worn but nearly all are legible...good serial no's except for last two digits of the cylinder, barrel address is legible but weak in places.  Colt's patent clearly visible on left side of the frame. Various gov't sub-inspector initials are visible on most of the parts. Brass triggerguard is nice and starting to age to a more mellow patina.  Action functions fairly good with all 4 clicks present.  Hammer hits full cock just a little early.  Grips are very good overall with the exception of two small chip repairs at the bottom front edges of the butt..a very common place for wear and chips on wartime used 1860's...both repairs look to be very well done and don't distract. Grips have a good visible cartouche on the bottom of the left side.  Wood has very nice wood to metal fit and has not been cleaned or undersized.  All in all, not a creampuff, just a representative example of an early 4 screw 60 Army but for half price for what a sharper no-finish example goes for on today's market. 




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