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Colt 1860 Army Revolver -100% Matching No's w/ Great Cylinder Scene

This is just a nice crisp Colt 1860 Peruccsion Revolver that has seen very little wear and tear.  Its Mid-Civil War production in the 92,000 range which dates it to probably around the early part of 1863... Pre-Gettysburg!  What a nice example!  The numbers are all matching, markings are crisp, and the cylinder scene is as nice as they come!  Even the safety pins on the back of the cylinder are still sharp...with exception of one that popped out.  The frame still shows about 60% original case colors which are strongest towards the back and below the recoil shield...and gradually fade towards the barrel.  The pictures won't convey this...but the case colors are still discernable all the way out to the Colt's Patent marking near the front of the frame. Hammer still shows some good case colors remaining as well.  Backstrap has mostly worn to light grey with some good original blue along the profile of the ears where it meets the frame.   This was carried in a soldier's holster (the tannin in leather along with chafing gradually eat away the blue)so barrel only has about 10-15% original blue...mostly in protected spots where the leather didn't touch the metal.  Specifically, around left side of lug where the barrel lug kept the leather raised off the metal, down in the barrel contour (mostly left side due to wedge), sides and bottom of the lower support arm at the frame junction, and all along the bottom where its protected by the rammer.  Even the recessed rear of the barrel cone where it junctions with the cylinder has most of its original blue....a clear indication this revolver has been fired very little.  Black powder and sparks normally eat right through finish in this spot after just a few shots.  Balance of the barrel is a nice soft grey patina...with some darker brown patina mixing in on the left side of the lug. Note: This area is just spotting brown...not pitted.   Case colors on the web of the loading lever are also nice.  Barrel to frame lockup is perfect.  Wedge is tight too and still shows a lot of original finish inside.  Grips have never been touched...with perfect wood to metal fit....a few nicks and minor blemishes, but VG+ overall with a nice Union inspector's cartouche at the bottom of the left side.  The butt of the grip has some type of Unit stamping marked "E" with the number "20".  Various metal parts also have crisp sub-inspector markings..."W" on the straps..."D" and "F" on barrel, and "C" and "I" on cylinder.  Screws are all in good serviceable condition and a few still have original blue remaining...particularly the triggerguard and backstrap screws.  Even a slight hint of tempered violet/straw is visible on the hammer screw.   The action works perfectly...its crisp.  The bore is in Fine condition...still mirror bright with some light pits here and there. The deep lands and grooves run very strong throughout the entire bore. 

Clearly, this Colt didn't see a lot of firing.  Our best guess is this belonged to a Union Officer or something within a garrison....not out in the elements bouncing around in some enlisted Cavalryman's holster!  If you've been looking for a nice '60 Army with some condition but showing light to moderate Civil War use, this is your gun!    Showed this to a collector friend of mine who knows his stuff when it comes to Colts. We both agreed this is easily a $3500-3750 Model 60 Army!   Usually, we can't even buy Colts for this price but we're in this one right and have it priced to move quickly!

Item# 1010




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