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Colt London Model 1851 Navy Revolver

This is a standard Model 1851 Colt Navy made in Sam Colt's London factory in the year 1855. Standard .36 Caliber, 6 shot revolver with 7 1/2" octagon barrel, wood grips, and iron backstrap and triggerguard which was standard on all London production with the exception of the first few hundred which had brass straps. Overall metal is a brown patina with good markings and decent edges. This gun has matching frame, barrel, cylinder, and arbor pin numbers in the 27,000 range but has triggerguard and backstrap numbers both in the 38,900 range. Both groups of numbers date to the year 1855. Barrel has strong London Colt markings with British proofmarks on the side of the barrel and chambers on each chamber of the cylinder. The cylinder has amazingly survived with all 6 safety pins intact with no scene remaining except for traces. Bore has strong rifling....with bright lands and dark grooves...should clean to at least Good-VG. Nice hammer checkering. Good screws. Grips are VG with no chips or cracks....look great but the fit to the straps is every so slightly off and probably not original to them but could be from the front part of the gun in the 27,000 range. This gun really looks a lot better than it sounds...a decent example of a Colt Navy London.

Item# 0254




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