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Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver Mfd in 1864

Wow, this one has lots of original blue and case colors!  This is a standard 1849 Pocket revolver with 5" barrel and a desirable 6 shot cylinder.    These were quite popular with Union and Confederate soldiers who privately purchased the Model 1849 Colt as personal carry weapons.  A great many ambrotype images show soldiers proudly brandishing them. 1864 Civil War Production. 1864 was a tough year for Colt as a fire destroyed over half their factory. 100% all matching serial numbers in the 267,000 range which includes the barrel, cyl, frame, tg, bs, arbor pin, and wedge.  Note: Colt stopped putting the serial number on the loading levers towards later production and this one is correct to not have one.  Barrel has 1 line New York address.  Left side of trigger guard marked "31 CAL".  "COLT'S PATENT" located on left side of frame. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine.  It should easily grade as Excellent except this gun was poorly stored as you will note in the photographs.  All I can say is this gun was probably never fired more than a couple times.  You rarely find 140 to 160 year old  Colt Percussion revolvers with this much bright original cylinder and barrel blue.  It simply flaked off due to heat expansion when firing....especially on the cylinders.  This one has easily 75-80% bright original cylinder blue....with the balance lost mostly to poor storage...not wear.  Very strong cylinder scene throughout depicting stage coach robbery scene. The barrel is the same story...not much wear and easily 75-80% strong blue but splotchy in places from bad storage.  The frame, hammer, and loading lever have 75% vivid case colors mixed with some spots of closet rust.  Screws and trigger still show much of their original fire blue. Very good screws throughout. Walnut grips show minor handling marks with 90% original varnish intact.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Excellent mechanics.  This one cocks like its new!  Barrel to frame lockup is also good and tight. Bore grades to Excellent overall....still bright and shiny with strong rifling and only a little minor spotting towards the back.  Cylinder still has half of its safety pins located on the back between the chambers...the rest are partially there or mashed.  This is a great little Civil War Vintage Colt that in spite of its neglect, shows amazingly little wear.  A nice little gun that is 100% original down to the smallest screw.

Item# 8706




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