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Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver Mfd in 1862

This little Colt just came from an old Civil War collection.  Its a Model 1849 Pocket revolver in .31 caliber with a 4" barrel, 6 shot cylinder, and New York Barrel address.  These were very popular with soldiers on both Union and Confederate sides during the Civil War who carried them as back-up weapons. Serial number is in the 218,000 range with 100% all matching numbers including the grips, wedge, and arbor pin.  Barrel address reads "ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK US AMERICA.  Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with 35% thinning case colors on the frame...with flashes of brighter colors in the more protected areas.  The balance of the frame is faded to grey with some small patches of darker patina.  The loading lever has 50% strong colors.  Barrel retains 65% original blue that is thinning in open areas mixed with a few brown spots of patina...no pitting.  The blue is still quite bright in the protected spots...particularly strong on the lug around the wedge area.   Even the bottom of the wedge shows some original blue. Nice markings, edges, and very good screws throughout.  A few of the screws even show traces of original fire blue. The cylinder scene, with its roll-engraved Stagecoach robbery depiction is pretty much all shows some scattered light tap marks over portions..still visible through the little dings, but just not as smooth as we'd like to see.  Safety pins on the back of the cylinder are mashed.  The brass gripstraps have aged to a nice mustard patina with traces of original dark-uncleaned silver plating in the protected areas.  The walnut grips are in Fine++ shape with perfect wood to metal fit and 75% original varnish intact.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Good working action and good bore with strong rifling mixed with some scattered pits. Barrel to frame lockup is good and tight with no play.  A good example of an early Civil War era Colt 49 pocket revolver still showing lots of original finish.  No doubt, it was probably ended up in the back-pack of some soldier marching off to war.  Note: The hammer and brass bottomstrap still show minute traces of very old gold paint....something I've been told veterans added to their weapons for parade use following the war and/or displays inside old GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) halls.

Item# 0882




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