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Ideal Combination Reloading Tool/Mold for 32-40 M w/ Powder Measure

This is a nice Ideal Combination Reloading Tool and Bullet Mold marked "32-40 M" which I would assume was for the Marlin Models 1881 and 1893 and perhaps the Marlin Ballard Single Shot Rifles as well. It has the sizing die and while there is no decapping pin, it comes what appears to be the original powder measure. These are super rare. Like the tool, it is nickel plated. I can find no number on it for the amount of grains of powder it holds. 32-40 was developed in the 1880's as a black powder target caliber. This tool was intended for old timers who like to reload black powder, not smokeless. It's my understanding that the 32-40 held the world's record for a ten shot group at 200 yards for over a hundred years. Tool is in excellent condition overall with a little bit of nickel loss on the back of the tool. Mold cavities look to be nearly perfect.

Item# 1980




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