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Scarce Nickel plated Winchester 1892 Bore Reflector

These are becoming almost impossible to find...a rare Winchester Model 1892 Bore reflector.  These devices have a slanted mirror that allows one to observe the bore of their Winchester rifle by simply opening the action and placing the reflector into the breech.  There is even a slot in the back to fit over the protruding extractor on the face of the bolt...pretty clever.  Over the years, I've seen a handful of these...they're made of brass...however, this is the only example I've ever found with nickel finish.  The side of the instrument is marked "WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. MODEL 1892." While they're called the "Model 1892", they'll work fine in almost in lever action Winchester from Models 1873, 1876, 1886, 1892, 1894, up to Model 1895's as well as many other guns.  In fact, the collector we acquired this from carried it in his shirt pocket for 11 years whenever he travelled to shows.  This tool is in Very good condition with 95% original nickel finish remaining.  The silver mirror has some tarnish around the edges and some slight spider webbing but overall is quite good and still works fine for observing a Winchester bore.  If you're tired of having to wad up pieces of paper or holding shiny objects in the breech of your Winchester just to see the bore...this is a rare and collectible solution to your troubles.

Item# 0436

$295.00 SOLD



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