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Scarce Blued S&W 38 CAL DA Revolver w/ mottled Grips

This is an early third model Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver in Caliber .38 S&W with scarce blued finish and rare red/black mottled hard rubber grips.  The result of this rare and pleasing combination is one of the most attractive S&W DA Pockets that we've seen in a long time.  Barrel measures 3 1/4".  The 3rd Model DA was produced from 1884-1895 with serial ranges going from approximately 119,000 to 322,700.  It has the characteristic long cylinder flutes and single stop notches on the cylinder. This revolver is in the 132,000 range and probably dates to early production around 1884-85.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 96% bright shiny original blue overall with some minor flaking/freckling due primarily to age than wear.  All edges, which are highly prone to wear, still nearly all of their original finish.  All screws and pins are excellent and appear to have never been turned or removed from the gun.  The hammer and trigger have good case colors and show very little evidence of wear. Front sight and ejectors show 100% of their correct original nickel finish...which came standard on all blued guns.  Grips are perfect...like new with S&W monograms at the top.  Action is mint...and just as tight as the day it was made over 120 years ago.  The latch is so tight, it almost doesn't want to open.  It looks as though it was probably fired less than 20 rounds.  The chambers and bore still retain most of their original blued finish.  Bore is Excellent...bright and shiny with mint lands and grooves but a few pin pricks of extremely light corrosion from left over powder residue.   This is about as nice of a blued S&W DA Pocket Revolver as you'll find with a super set of original factory S&W marbled grips.  This would be suitable for a green-labeled box.

Item# 0757




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