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Rare Blued Smith and Wesson 38 DA Revolver in the Box

This is a Minty example of the 3rd Model S&W Double Action Revolver still in its original factory box. Antique Pre-1898 Serial # is in the 300,000 range and was made around 1894 or 1895.  Caliber .38 S&W, 3 1/4" barrel, and 5 shot cylinder. Its also in the scarcer blued finish. S&W used the more durable Nickel plating on the majority of their pocket revolvers in comparison to the more fragile blue which wore away quickly being carried in the owner's pocket.  The result is that its very difficult to obtain high condition examples of blued finish in today's market.  This isn't solely due to the fact S&W made fewer blued guns but also because of the wear factor.  To find one of these blued guns in an Antique serial range still in its original box in what appears to be in unfired condition really takes this gun to a whole new category and makes for a great investment.

Overall, the condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus condition with 97% bright original blue with some light freckling due to age on the cylinder and  sideplate.  This gun shows no pocket or carry wear....with just the slightest wear to extreme edges...probably from shifting inside the box over the years.   Screws still retain all of their original blue.  Hammer and trigger retain all of thier strong original case colors.  Front sight blade and ejectors retain 100% original nickel....yes, that's right...blued S&W DA's came standard with nickel plated front sights and ejectors!!!  Another unique feature about these guns!  The hard rubber checkered grips are mint with no chips, cracks, wear, or even scratches...the grips are also retaining their original dark ebony color as they have never been worn or exposed to sunlight.  The original box has truly done a remarkable job of preserving this pistol over the last 110+ years. Action is like new.  Barrel latch and lockup are the tightest I've ever seen on a S&W of this type.  Bore is mint.  Chambers still retain all of their original blue. 

The box is good solid condition with no splits, tears, or broken corners. The textile covering is a little faded with some flaking along the sides from moths.  Box has the correct green label found only with blued guns and is marked as such.  In comparison, nickel guns have Orange labels.  The label markings correspond exactly to the gun and reads "SMITH & WESSON DOUBLE 38 ACTION (ON of ACTION is missing) BLUED. 3 1/4".   The right edge of the label has been torn but fortunately, with the exception of two letters of the word "ACTION"...all the markings are there.  The inside of the box appears to still have its original waxed paper and direction for use on the inside of the lid. 

One of the nicest blued S&W pocket revolvers we've had in years!

Item# 0560




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