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Pre-WW 1 US Army Officer Campaign Hats

When it comes to military hats, I am by no means an expert but I purchased these two hats with a nice 1st World War doughboy camoflaged helmet a few years ago.  I sold the helmet and the buyer didn't want the hats. They've been sitting on my bookcase ever since and they really deserve to go into a collection where they'll be looked after and appreciated.  The man I got these from said they all came from the same estate and who must have been an officer. Here's what I can tell you...I was told both of these hats pre-date the Great War andBoth hats are in good condition.

The first hat is the earlier one...as it doesn't have weep holes...the felt doesn't have have the traditional mountain peaks either so we think this one might be turn of the century circa 1900 to 1910.  It still has its original sweat band and faded gold and black officer's acorns intact.  The leather band inside is a little tattered on the edges but its there....and could stand some leather conditioning as its getting hard...for that reason, I'm not going to turn it down to try to identify the maker.

The second hat is a little later...probably circa 1910 to 1916....this is probably exactly what troops under General Pershing used during the Mexican Expedition of 1916 when the Army was sent to apprehend Pancho Villa.  In contrast to the earlier hat, this one does have the mountain peak top and brass weep holes.  Still, the brim isn't stitched so I think this is still pre-WW One.  It was made by Stetson which is marked inside the leather band and on the band itself.  The inner band itself is pretty tattered but the outside of the hat is nice still retaining its original sweat band and nice gold and black commissioned officers acorns.

Item# 0426 & 0427

$35.00 each SOLD



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