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Appraisal Policies

We receive emails and phone calls on a daily basis asking for historical information and values of guns people own. While we want to help people, we are limited in the amount of time available to appraise, authenticate and/or research various guns. In fact, on occasion we even pay various museums and archives to authenticate a gun for us. It is now necessary for us to develop a few policies that we will follow regarding appraisals which are the following:

1. If you are interested in selling an item to us, please send us pictures in an email along with the price you are seeking. If it is an item of interest to us, we will contact you via email. Without seeing an item in at least picture form, it is not possible for us to evaluate it.

2. If you want a value for an antique gun, but are not interested in selling it, we can offer an appraisal service for $50.00 per gun. In order for us to complete an appraisal, we must have quality pictures sent either via email or regular mail. For the fee of $50.00 you will receive a letter of appraisal in return. The turnaround time will vary between 1-4 weeks depending on the item. Our area of expertise is strictly antique guns made in or before 1898.



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