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Scarce Allen and Wheelock Revolver

This is a percussion Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Army Revolver.  With a total of just 700 units produced from 1861-62, this is one of the harder to find variants of Civil War army Revolvers.  Standard 7 1/2" part round/part octagonal barrel, .44 caliber, with 6 shot cylinder.  Serial number is 314 with all matching numbers including frame, cylinder pin, both grips, cylinder, and loading lever. Hammer screw is the only part on the entire gun that has been replaced.  This is the type of gun that you would find in the South....it has fantastic mechanics, a great bore, great wood, but the warm humid climate has turned the outside metal to a dark chocolate brown.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good with the metal turned to a patina with some light rash pitting here and there.  Good edges and decent screws.  Barrel markings are mostly there but need to be cleaned out....I will call them "fair" and partially legible...but I think there is a decent chance, once the 100 years of crud is cleaned out of the stampings, they will grade up to "good".  Front sight appears to be original and made of solid brass...nice shape.  Very good strong mechanics and a Fine bore...still bright and shiny with sharp lands and grooves...only a few light pits.  Grips are fantastic with 90% original lacquer that is nicely and lightly crazed from 140 years of time.  Interestlingly enough, both grips are numbered to the gun on the inside #314" but  the left grip is noticeably darker than the right.  Chances are the right grip was exposed to more sunlight and/or the left grip had some oil soak into it....or the original owner was left handed and this is just dirt.  Over the years, I've seen the exact same thing on early S&W revolvers with ebony grips...one will stay dark while the other side turns to a lighter reddish brown from sunlight exposure.  At any rate, the grips are fantastic with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  A seldom encountered Civil War revolver that is about 270 times more rare than the standard Colt 1860 Army Revolver for the same price!

Item# 0359




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