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Massachusetts Arms Adams Pocket Revolver

I can't find my copy of Flayderman's tonight so I'll let some of you experts correct me if my memory of this model is off.  Incidentally, most of you collectors out there probably know what Flayderman's Guide to Antique Arms is about, but for those of you who don't, this is by far the best guide for American Antique Guns ever written.  Buy it! It will serve you well! If I could only have one book about guns, this would be my choice. 

The Mass Arms Company produced two sizes of this revolver under License from Adams in England.  The firm produced a large size military revolver in .44 Caliber and this little pocket revolver in .31 Caliber.  Mass Arms only made about 500 units of the pocket model. These were produced from about 1857-1860 so all pre-date the Civil War. This one has a .31 caliber 5 shot cylinder, side-mounted loading lever, and checkered walnut grips.  If you like mechanical inventions, then you will find the double action design of this revolver to be an intriguing but primitive beginning to what has now been perfected in the modern revolver. The action still works in both single and double action modes.  At some point, the safety latch which locks the cylinder in place has been removed along with a tiny set screw for the cylinder pin retaining screw...otherwise, its all there and complete. Another interesting fact about this gun is that the barrel and frame are one one piece making it a strong design. The metal is in very good shape still showing bits of original blue on the frame and barrel with strong blue in the protected areas behind the recoil shield and under the loading lever.  The markings are very good and legible with the Mass Arms Col. markings on the topstrap of the frame.  Good wood grips are solid with no chips or cracks.  A nice little example of a scarce American made Adams pocket revolver. 




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