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100 Year Old Winchester Caliber 50-110 Express Cartridge Box with Original Brass

This is a scarce original Winchester Caliber 50-110 Express Cartridge Box with its original but spent twenty brass 50-110 brass cartridge cases. This was one of the rarest and largest calibers for the Winchester Model 1886 Rifle. Few were made and being the biggest caliber, they are highly sought after by collectors. A nice 1886 in this caliber can go for five figure price tags in collector grade condition. I would say that accessories for this caliber are even more scarce than the guns! This box is marked as with the 300 Grain Bullet with the early 20th Century Orange Label that appears to date to around 1914. Box has been heavily taped years ago but solid with just a couple of split edges on the top cover. The brass looks to be it Very Good Condition and all have Winchester headstamps marked W.R.A. CO 50-110 EX. A few years ago, a original box of this ammo could fetch over $1,000 and just an individual will bring $40-50 dollars at shows. Here is a decent box with original brass that can be brought back to spec for a fraction of that. This would make a great display paired with a .50 caliber rifle!

Item# 1747




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