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Original Winchester Cleaning Rods for Henry Rifle and Winchester Model 1866 Rifle

This is an early set of original four piece set of cleaning rods for New Haven Arms Henry Rifle or Model 1866 Winchester Rifle in caliber .44 Rimfire. These came in the trapdoor compartment of the buttstock. As they added weight to the rifle and had a tendency to rattle, most were removed and lost over the years. You can tell right away this came from either an 1866 or Henry from the small rectangular indentions left on the brass head/tip from striking against the dual .44 caliber rimfire firing pins located on the face of the breech of these rifles. See photo. Notice also how the shoulder of the brass tip is a little more squared than the later style with the more rounded transition on the tips. These are very old but in Good Plus to Very Good Condition. They've been cleaned up a little but are straight and the sections still thread together into a good straight rod. There a couple of tiny cracks forming around the female junctions of the brass end section. This is quite common and not an issue so long as they are handled with respect. Would make a great accessory to an original Henry or 1866 Winchester.

Item# 1917




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