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Ideal Combination Reloading Tool & Mold in .45 Colt for SAA in Original Box w/ Pin and Instructions

This is a scarce Ideal Combination Reloading Tool and Bullet Mold in ultra desirable caliber .45 Colt in its original box. The box end is marked .45 Colt so this is in fact its original box. It comes with its original decapping pin, instructions, and period ads which were all inside the box when I purchased it. The only thing missing was the measuring cup which as luck would have it; I found an ideal measuring cup in a box of misc. items from the guy set up right behind me at the same show. The cup is an Ideal and appears to be close to the correct 40 grains needed for the .45 Colt. However, I have not verified the exact amount it holds as it is not marked. Winchester was a little better about stamping the number of grains on their handles but Ideal used smaller almost wire-like handles with no marking. That said, if you plan to use this for reloading black powder, you'll want to get this verified but from an aesthetic point of view, it looks like its very close to being correct. You guys know what this tool was for; the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, the Bisley Model, the Colt 1878 Double Action and the Colt New Service Revolvers; that is about it. This Ideal product was made exclusively for Colt Revolvers and if you've ever seen an original factory Box for a Colt Revolver from the late 19th century, you will see a yellow label inside the lid with an Ideal Tool Advertisement. There are not many boxed Ideal tools out there in .45 Colt and ones this complete are far rarer than the Colt Single Action Army's they were made for. Overall Condition is Fine to Excellent on the tool with most of the original nickel plating intact. Mold cavities are Excellent. See photos. The decapper is just bare tool steel and it has a bit of light corrosion but Very Good Overall with its original knurled nut for retaining the pin intact. The ads and instructions are scarce as well and no doubt, it was the box which kept all of this together with the exception of the measuring cup; which as mentioned has now been supplemented with a correct or very close to correct original. The box is complete with no ends missing, nice label, good corners, and in Very Good Condition for something made of cardboard that is 130 years old. The last time we had a tool of this rarity in the original box with the decapper, we sold it only to see it sell for more than double in one of the big auction houses. A complete set like this is much harder to find than the Colt Revolvers they were originally made for.

Item# 2059




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