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Mauser Model 1895 Rifle, Chilean Contract

This is one of the nicer condition Model 1895 Chilean Contract Rifles we've encountered in the past couple of years. These were made by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin and later by DWM. This one is a Ludwig Loewe in the G block which makes it a pre-1898 antique. Standard 7mm caliber. With the exception of the Chilean crest and some of the markings, this rifle is virtually identical to 7mm Mausers made for the Boers in South Africa in their war against the United Kingdom. In fact, some of the Mausers that didn't make it to the Boers due to a British blockade were later resold to Chile. Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 99% bright original blue and fire blue throughout. The light European walnut stock is in Fine Condition and has 98% of its original oil finish with some minor dings and marks from improper military storage where it was allowed to come into contact with other rifles. The serial numbers on this rifle are all matching including the cleaning rod and bolt bore is perfect and the action is like brand new. There aren't many antique rifles on the market that can be found in near pristine condition for under $1,000. At shows, we're already seeing '95 rifles in similar conditions priced between $1,000-$1,250. This one isn't quite pristine but it's close and A LOT of rifle for the money!  Comes with an original Chilean Bayonet, Scabbard, and Mauser Leather Sling.

Item# 2060




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