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Minty Winchester Model 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine

This 1894 lever action saddle ring carbine one is was built in the year 1895. Antique Pre-1898 Serial number is in the 41,000 range.  Given the hard use that Winchesters saw in the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially carbines, its not very often we find nice ones....the last one was a year ago and it wasn't close to the condition this one's in. As you can see from the pictures, this carbine is just about mint with about 99% original blue and incredible original case colors on the hammer, lever, and buttplate.  A lot of collectors don't know this but many of the early carbines had case colored buttplates.  Standard 20" barrel, full magazine, carbine style buttplate, carbine sights, and saddle ring.  The receiver has 99% bright original blue as do the barrel and magazine tube.  Original rear sight is the earliest style graduated 200 to 900 yards which is also correct on all 1894 src's. Perfect unturned screws.  All early markings include the 2 line Winchester barrel address, early nickel steel markings, and 3 line upper tang with John Browning's Aug. 21, 1894 patent date. The case colors on this carbine are magnificent...I've never seen better ones on a carbine with the original varnish Winchester applied to protect these fragile colors turning slightly amber from age.  The hammer and lever show at least 97% bright colors while the buttplate has at least 50% original colors.  The wood is early style walnut!  Its in excellent condition with lots of raised grain retaining nearly 100% of its original finish.  Wood to metal fit is perfect...probably never been off the gun.  Someone in the past has lightly scratched their initials on the left side of the wrist.  The action is perfect.  Bore is mint.  We had some good antique carbines over the years with the nicest ranging from 90% to 97% but none as nice as this.  We've never seen a nicer one!

Item# 0290




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