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Spanish-American War Model 1893 Spanish Mauser

Here is a gun that gave the US Army a tough time during the Summer of 1898.  The Model 1893 Mauser was Spain's primarly weapon during the Spanish American War. Its accurate smokeless ammunition, strong action, and fast reloading time, proved superior over the American Springfield Krag rifle.  Just ask Teddy Roosevelt, he literally had his glasses shot from off his face going up Kettle Hill by an 1893 Mausers. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and he had a spare pair of spectacles in his pocket.  After the war, some of these captured Model 1893's were used in the development of the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle which served for 40+ years. 

This particular rifle is in Fine overall condition retaining 95% of its original arsenal rebuild blue.  The top of the receiver is dated "BERLIN 1894".  There is still fire blue on the bolt release and magazine charger. The numbers are all matching except for the bolt except for the cleaning rod and bolt numbers which is fairly consistent with other 93's I've found in the past...including battlefield bringbacks.  Nice wood is sharp and has never been sanded.  It appears there was a longitudal hairline crack in the forewood which has been perfectly repaired...otherwise the wood is quite nice.  Bore is Excellent, still bright and shiny with sharp rifling and no pitting.  Comes with an American WW2 Vintage M1 Garand sling.  This is a nice rifle with a great early Span-Am War pre-1898 date.  They are not easy to find with early Span-War dates and the few that can be prohibitively expensive.

Item# 0213




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