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Early Marlin 1893 Takedown Rifle w/Tang Sight

Well, they say things come in pairs...here's another fine example of an early Marlin Model 1893 Takedown Rifle with one of those precious Pre-1898 Antique serial numbers that are getting nearly impossible to find. Collectors and Investors have just about gobbled up these early ones and I'm seeing 30-30's in this configuration with late serial numbers with asking prices over 2K.  This one is quite similar to the 38-55 we recently listed only its in the scarce 32-40 Caliber with a 26" octagon barrel marked "SPECIAL SMOKELESS STEEL".  32-40 was and is still considered one of the finest target calibers ever developed...did you know that until just 3 or 4 years ago, the 32-40 held the World's record for a 10 shot group fired from 200 yards...and was not just for black powder cartridges, that's up against all modern calibers.  In their day, 32-40 and 38-55 were two of the finest calibers available and were popular reloaders who used black powder...just look at all of the old loading tools that show up on ebay in these two calibers.

Sights include a Lyman tang sight, Marlin Rocky Mtn style front sight w/German Silver blade, and a filler blank in the rear sight position. Overall, this rifle in NRA Antique FINE Plus Condition with 60% good original vivid case colors remaining on the frame with the balance frosting over to a brown patina....this is all surface patina and not pitted.  The hammer retains much of its original case colors along with good traces of color remaining on the lever.  The loading port has much of its vibrant fire blue remaining.  Several of the screws still have considerable amounts of their original nitre blue present. The barrel and magazine tube show 90% original blue with sharp markings.  The wood is in very Fine condition with a few of the usual light dings and scratches  with nearly all of its original varnish intact and protecting that nice original orangish red Marlin wood.  Perfect wood to metal fit.  The takedown works well and locks up tight just like it should.  Bore is Good Plus to VG with strong rifling with some light frosting in the grooves.  All in all, this is a very attractive Marlin with a desirable special order feature and a nice early serial number.




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