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Marlin Model 1893 Deluxe Takedown Rifle in 38-55

This is a nice Deluxe version of the Model 1893 rifle in Caliber 38-55 with a desirable  Antique Pre-1898 serial number. Its features are a takedown frame,  26" octagon barrel, full magazine, pistol grip stock, checkered wood, and crescent buttplate.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine plus condition with 70% discernable fading case colors on the left side of the frame, 30% on the right side of frame, 90% colors on the hammer, and 25% colors remaining on the lever.  Colors are very strong and bright on the lower tang and upper tang areas around the hammer and back of the bolt.The balance of these areas is generally a nickel silver appearance where the colors have faded out or frosting to a light brown patina. Loading port has 95% bright original nitre blue. "MARLIN SAFTEY" is marked in script across the top of the frame. Screws show considerable amounts of original blue with also crests or turning markings at the tips of the slots but no bad or boogered ones. Overall they are still in generally decent shape and 100% usable.

The barrel and magazine tube have 90+% original bright blue remaining with crisp markings and edges.  The barrel is marked "Special Smokeless Steel" which is always nice to find as not all antique Marlins in 32-40 or 38-55 have these Smokeless marked barrels. This Marlin has an interesting Marbles tang sight, two leaf folding comination rear sight and a Lyman sporting front sight.  The folding leaf rear sight was designed to allow the shooter quick access to a choice of two fixed folding leafs when the tang sight couldn't be used.

The wood is quite nice in Fine condition, solid as a rock and exhibits over 90% original orangish red Marlin varnish.  Marlin Deluxes tend to have straight grained walnut which is what this one has. There are a  few minor flaws that have for the most part been overcome. There are 4 kill notches on the bottom of the pistol grip.  The wood to metal fit is perfect...tight and even throughout with the wood still slightly swelling over the metal just like it did when it left the factory. Checkering is in good condition with clear definition and no worn spots. The forend has a repaired chip at the tip next to the forend cap...nicely done and doesn't distract.  There are also a couple of tack-size holes in the bottom of wood which have been mended and are practically invisible.  Nonetheless, this is exceptionally nice deluxe wood that has never been cleaned or refinished.

Bore is in fine condition with strong rifling.  Takedown action works properly with snug lockup to the frame.  With the prices of most of the nicer condition examples of Winchester deluxes almost doubling in the past five years, Marlin Deluxes prices are now on the rise but still represent an excellent value for an equally nice gun for a fraction of the price of a Winchester.

Item# 0261




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