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Early .22 CAL Marlin Model 1892 Rifle

It's been several years since I was able to buy a nice 1892 in 22 caliber with an antique serial number.  24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate. This one is in the 123,000 range.   These .22's have really gotten scarce in the last few years with mostly .32 RF's up for sale. I was beginning to lose hope we would find one for a reasonable amount that was Pre-1898. Produced from 1892 to 1916, the 1892 was the forerunner to the 1897 which eventually evolved into the Model 39 that is still produced today.  The main difference between the 92 and 97 is that the 92 has a solid frame with a removable sideplate as opposed to the 97's takedown frame. The action is very simple with very few moving parts...the action can be stripped in a matter of seconds.  

This one is in NRA Antique Fine condition overall with 25% original receiver blue with the balance turned to a light gray patina.  Barrel, magazine tube, and forend cap retain 85% original blue.  There are two small rashes of rust about the size of a pencil eraser...one is at the back of the bolt and the other is along the right flat of the octagon barrel...both would clean up considerably well if desired. All markings are excellent and sharp with the MARLIN SAFETY stamped on the top of the receiver and MODEL 1892 on the upper tang. The wood is in Fine plus to Excellent condition still retaining nearly 95% of its original varnish with only a few light dings and scratches...no repairs, no cracks, and no chips.  Wood to metal fit is perfect.  Original rear sight is the solid non-adjustable type similar to the Winchester 1890...the front sight I believe is original as well.  The bore needs a good cleaning...all the rifling is there, no major pits, and should clean to good with some patience.   Also, for those of you out there who are wondering what that small hole is on the left side of the receiver near the top, this is where the extractor fits into the action and it hasn't been added..its factory original...the original extractors were quite fragile and often replaced with later Marlin extractors which are more reliable but don't have the little pin to fill the hole...such is the case with this rifle.




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