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Colt 1892 Double Action New Army Revolver w/ Rare Grips

This is a Colt Commercial version of the Double Action New Army and Navy Revolver with the scarce "Colt 1892" model marked hard rubber grips.  Standard 6" barrel in Caliber.38 Colt.  Antique Pre-1898.  A good early one made in 1894 with a serial number in the 11,000 range.  Back in the 1890's, this gun was the cat's meow...a large frame Colt with a swing-out cylinder.  Yes, the .38 Colt was anemic but the mechanical innovation would revolutionize and serve as the platform for which almost all modern Double Action Revolvers are based right up through today.  The Barrel has the early type address with only the earliest 1884 and 1888 patent dates. All matching assembly numbers throughout including the grips.  Usually, Colt New Army grips just say Colt with the rampant colt horse logo but a few of these were marked with "1892" date below the horse.  This is the 3rd example (and the lowest serial #) we've found with these grips since starting the website 5 years ago.  

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus with 70-75% original blue overall with the balance mostly worn grey that's turning to light brown patina.  Various parts such as the trigger, screws, and rear face of the hammer still show significant amounts of their original fire blued finish.  Sides of hammer still retain their factory polish.  Screw heads are in great condition and markings are perfect throughout. Grips are fantastic...nice fit to the metal with sharp checkering and perfect logos.  There are two tiny chip repairs off the back rear corner of each grip.  The repairs are so small and amazingly good that you'll forget quickly forget they're present.  The action works nicely in both single and double action modes.  Bore is Excellent+, bright and shiny with no pitting.  Chambers are also nice with a fair bit of original blue inside.  If you've been looking for a nice Double Action Colt, these are one of the big-frame Colts left that can still be had for a fraction of most other models in the antique serial ranges.  However, the collector's market is catching on as the last couple of shows we've attended, we've seen a few model 1895's in NRA Excellent Condition with plain "Colt" grips hovering above and below the $2,000 range. Some military marked Model 1892's and 1894's are bringing quite a bit more!  This is a Fine+ condition example of an early Model 1892 with a fantastic set of 1892 Model-Marked Grips; all for a reasonable price that should make a great investment.

Item# 1067




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