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Scarce Winchester Model 1885 Lowall Deluxe Rifle

There are plenty of deluxe 1885 Hiwalls out there but its quite seldom one encounters a true 1885 Lowall Deluxe rifle.  These are tough little Winchesters to find and this one is quite unique.  This particular example was built in 1892 and letters with a 28" 1/2 octagon barrel, pistol grip stock, checkered, plain trigger with a mid-range vernier tang sight and globe front sight with adjustable windage with no level.  Whoever ordered this really knew what he wanted and knew how to take care of a rifle. In all the years I've asked the Cody Museum for information regarding Winchesters, very few actually letter with special order sights from the factory. These tended to be more of a dealer option than a factory special order feature.  This rifle originally left the factory in 1892 as a 25-20 but was later sent back to Winchester and made into a 38 WCF (see photo showing Winchester proofmarks).  The factory records indicate two returns for additional work but give no specifics.  Overall, condition is NRA Antique Fine Plus condition with 50% faded/mottled case colors with the balance toning to a dark grey.  The barrel has 98% original blue with early barrel address markings. Very good screws overall, most are flawless. The wood appears to be 3X burl walnut. Its in Excellent overall condition with 95+% of original glassy piano varnish, perfect wood to metal fit and sharp checkering.  The bottom of the pistol grip and forend tip both retain their original dark ebony inlays.  The action is as tight as new and the bore is in Excellent condition...very bright with sharp lands and grooves with no pitting.  This is a truly fantastic configuration and no doubt ordered by a serious single shot enthusiast during the late 19th century.

Item# 9037




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