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Winchester Mod. 1882 Reloading Tool in 44-40

This is a good example of a Winchester Model 1882 Reloading tool in Caliber .44 WCF.  Overall, it retains 75% thinning original blue.  Right side is marked "44 WCF Pat. Oct. 20. 1874. Nov. 7 82".  This is one of the earlier tools with the Winchester address located on the opposite side. The Winchester address which is about half obscured due to some light tapping marks or pin marks from an original owner....commonly found on old reloading tools.  It is complete with a decapper that appears to be original although the pin isn't marked with the customary "44 W".  This tool was designed exclusively for reloading the Model 1873 .44 Caliber cartridges making it the first repeating rifle with reloadable center-primed cartridges.  This may not seem like a big deal in the 21st Century but it gave 19th century Winchester owners a huge advantage traversing the American frontier.

Item# 0723




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