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Winchester 1873 Semi-Deluxe Rifle

This is an early 3rd Model 1873 Semi-Deluxe Rifle built in 1882 with a Special Order case colored receiver.  Caliber is in 38-40 with a 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate with sliding trapdoor.  Generally, Winchester liked to put somewhat fancier wood on their case colored rifles and this is one is no exception with some pretty tiger striped shadows running down the sides of  the stock and forend.   Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good Plus.  The once vibrant case colors on the receiver have subsided to grey patina with some original faded and mottled colors on the back of the frame, hammer, behind the sideplates, lower tang, and forend cap. There is also silvered out remains of case colors around the sideplates and on the back of the sideplates.  The loading port retains some of its original fire blue around the edges while the barrel and tube have original blue in the protected areas withe the balance turned to a plum patina. Original sights include semi-buckhorn rear which has had its ears trimmed back a bit, a pretty common practice in the Old West. Front sight is original with German silver blade...with a little bit of trimming off the top but looks good. The bore is in good condition with decent rifling, no rings, no bulges,  and a few of the usual scattered pits here and there.  The wood is in very nice condition with about 50% original varnish remaining.  Wood to metal fit is tight and even to all metal surfaces...never been cleaned or refinished.  Good screws and nice sharp markings.  All in all, a pretty good semi-dlx 1873 rifle with some of those desirable case colors that won't cost you a premium.




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