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Winchester 1873 Rifle with 1X Wood

This is an attractive 1873 rifle with what looks like slightly fancier grade 1X burl walnut with some curl across the rear of the stock that you normally don't encounter on plain grade rifles. This one is a standard sporting rifle in Caliber 44-40 with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate with sliding trapdoor.  Original dust cover and sights include the semi-buckhorn rear and standard front sight with German silver blade.  Serial number is in the 447,000 range and built in the year 1893.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good Condition.  The metal has no finish and is now mostly a smooth silvery gray turning to patina with no pitting. It has good clean lines, very good markings and shows very well. The wood is in fine condition with light handling wear. The wood to metal fit is tight with the wood still swelling slightly over the metal just the way it did when it left the factory.  The burl towards the back of the stock is quite attractive and unfortunately is quite difficult to photograph in 2 dimensions...nonetheless, you won't be disappointed with the wood. Bore is in Fine condition, still bright and shiny with very sharp rifling and just a few pits. 

Item# 0201




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