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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle with Tang Sight

This is a standard 3rd Model 1873 Sporting Rifle with 24" round barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate with sliding trapdoor. Some Winchester collectors would call this a RBFMCB for short. The caliber is in 38 WCF aka 38-40.  The 1873 Sporting rifle was very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries throughout North American....with the 32 and 38 calibers being particular favorites on farms looks to be the exact same configuration as this 1873 pictured with a farmer and his family from Placerville, CA circa 1890's. The Serial number of this rifle is in the 322,000 range and manufactured in late 1889.  In addition to having its original Winchester front and semi-rear buckhorn rear sights, this rifle is also equipped with a folding Lyman tang sight with an 1879 patent date. 

Overall, this rifle in NRA Antique Fine Plus condition with 80% original blue that has some brown closet freckles mixing through.  The right side plate has 4 small pencil eraser sized spots where rust was removed due to poor storage.  The loading port still retains 60% fire blue while the hammer and lever still show a few areas of light faded case colors.  Brass loading block is marked "38 CAL"...still nice and sharp.  Excellent markings throughout.  Very good screws overall. The barrel and magazine tube have about 50% darkened but discernable blue with the balance turned mostly plum.  Both the forend cap and magazine tube retaining band have considerable amounts of original blue as well.  The wood is fantastic still a nice rich orangish red color and retains 95+% original varnish on the stock and 85% original varnish on the forend.  There are a few light dings and chatter marks on the stock from being stored in a rack along withand  light handling wear on the forewood.  The wood to metal fit is perfect.  Action is nice and tight with a Good plus bore....still bright with good rifling and a few light pits and no rings.  In the past 2 to 3 years, it has gotten difficult to find nice 1873's in 38 and 44 WCF for fair prices as I'm finding most 73's in the configuration and range of condition priced for $3500+ at major shows.  Here is a nice 1873 with lots of condition for a realistic price. 




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