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Colt 1849 Pocket -6 shot Mfd. in 1862

This is a very strong example of a Colt Model 1849 percussion pocket revolver .  During the Civil War, these little revolvers became quite popular with both Union and Confederate soldiers who used them as personal-carry or back-up weapons.  This particular one is in the 215,000 range and is early-war production in 1862.   .31 caliber with a 5" octagon barrel, 6 shot cylinder, and late style 1 line New York barrel address.  All numbers are matching with the exception of the wedge which is an original with lots of blue...just a different number with 5 digits "10956"...which  probably stands for 210956.

Overall, it grades as NRA Antique Fine+ condition with 80% bright original barrel blue with some patina mixing in. The brass trigger guard still shows 85% original silver plate which has tarnished to a nice dark glossy grey or pewter coloration.  The silver plating on the backstrap is more worn from hand wear with about 35% remaining.   Frame is mostly mottled gray patina that is turning brown.  There are a few flashes and traces of original case colors around the recoil shield.  Cylinder has turned to a pleasing light brown patina with 99% or better crisp and clear cylinder scene depicting the stage coach hold-up.  Still has all 6 original safety pins intact.  Hammer shows hints of mottling where the case colors have faded.  The loading lever has about 10%  case colors with balance faded to a light grey/brown patina.    Trigger is mostly brown showing some small traces of original fire blue.  Very nice screws overall...most are perfect with a few showing very light turn wear.     The grips are in fantastic condition with 98% of its original varnish remaining that still have a pleasing reddish/orange radiant glow to them.  Sam Colt was known to have gone to great lengths to obtain high quality varnish for the wood on his products.  I can remember reading somewhere once in a little-known book on 1851's that one type of varnish was obtained from Europe and was a closely guarded secret used almost solely by violin makers.  The varnish was made of finely ground up amber which was difficult to make and even harder to obtain. Tight barrel to frame fit with no play.  Nice mechanics with cylinder indexing properly. Nice example of a Civil War era Colt percussion revolver.

Item# 8708




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