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Colt Model 1861 Navy Revolver

This is an early Model 1861 Revolver in .36 Caliber in fantastic condition.  First year production, the serial number is in the 900 range with all matching numbers.  It was restored back to New condition by Colt 50-60 years ago and is just beginning to show a little ago on it...making it look almost like a mint original.  Its our understanding that Colt restored many models from around 1946 up through the mid-1950's, after which, they only restored the 1873 Single Action Army revolver.  We recently sold an 1860 Colt Army that was identical to this gun and was also restored by Colt during this 1946-1955 timeframe. 

Overall, its in NRA Antique Near Mint condition as restored retaining 98% bright original barrel blue with a little freckling.  Excellent barrel address and Colt's Patent marking on left side of the frame. The cylinder has 95% bright blue with perfect cylinder scene with the balance starting to haze over to a light brown patina.  The frame, hammer and loading lever show 98% bright case colors.  Triggerguard and backstrap have 100% silver plating intact with no wear...and are starting to tarnish slightly.  Screws retain all of their fire blued finish.  Action works perfectly and cylinder retains all 6 safety pins.  The grips are flawless with no marks or scratches and retain 100% varnish.  The wood to metal fit is perfect!    An original in this condition would cost well over $20K in today's market.  This one is every bit as nice as restored by Colt with the quality and workmanship of an original.  A fabulous example of an 1861 Colt Navy!

Item# 0512




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