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English Double Barrel Shotgun Circa 1860

This is quite a nice old English Double Barrel Shotgun made by W.J. King of London.  This just came out of an old estate in North Georgia along with some other interesting old items including a couple of flintlocks we will be listing in the near future. For a 150 year old double barrel, its in exceptionally nice condition and well looked after.  Most D/B's received extremely hard use in the Southern U.S. before, during, and after the Civil War. 12 Gauge Damascus twist barrels.  Both locks and barrel rib are marked "W.J King" with nice scroll engraving on most of the metal parts and furniture. 2 inlaid lines of German silver located at the breech of the barrels.  Hammers have scroll on the sides and fish scales engraved along the tops.  The wood is just fantastic retaining 90%+ original varnish in Excellent overall condition.  The original checkering on the wrist is excellent and sharp. The wood fits tight and evenly to all metalwork.  Damascus barrels are in very good condition with portions of the original twist showing through a light gray patina. One of the ramrod thimbles has been resoldered. Locks are mostly a silvery gray patina with traces of case colors around the hammers.  Nice mechanics.  Ramrod has brass mountings with one end with a removable cap exposing a threaded worm. A really sharp example of a good quality English made shotgun. 




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